Trump Is Going To Win

Beyond all the mud slinging

Beyond all the Democratic calls of Trump being a racist, a bigot.

Beyond everything. Trump will win because Democrats have absolutely no answers for a hurting American population. Indeed, they helped create the situation so how can they fix it?

“43.1 million Americans are living in poverty……”

This election is about jobs. Since around the mid-70s corporations have been lining up to ship jobs offshore in order to increase profits. The increase of course has come at the expense of the American worker. In order to masterfully sell this idea corporations have bundled up their shit sandwich in a package called ‘free trade’. The name itself being Orwellian in nature as to argue against it is to argue against ‘free trade’. Calling it ‘free trade’ means that any opposing view is automatically against ‘free trade’ and subsequently labelled a protectionist or some other slur.

However, as time has passed the American people have begun to realise that the golden rhetoric put out by corporate America is actually foul in experience. So called ‘free trade agreements’ have been nothing more than a fancy term for off-shoring of jobs to third world countries where workers are exploited. Google ‘half of america is poor’ and you’ll come up with some shocking statistics. According to poverty in the U.S. is defined as a family consisting of two children and two adults who earn less than $24,000 per year (There are more definitions at the site). In 2015 43.1 million people were found to be below the poverty line, (link). Alarmingly, the trend seems to be that the younger you are the worse off you are. The report states that the most vulnerable age group are actually those under 18 years of age, (link). These would appear to be Clinton’s basement dwellers, (link).

This is why Trump will win.

Michael Moore, in a recent powerful speech, summed up the problem magnificently. He began by quoting a comment Trump made to a bunch of Ford executives at the Detroit Economic Club, (link). Trump said, “If you close these factories as you are planning to do in Detroit and build them in Mexico. I’m going to put a 35% tariff on those cars and when you try to sell them back to us and nobody will buy them”.

Now if you believe Trump will actually do this or not is speculation however one thing is for sure and that is that nobody else is saying comments like this. Not only that but establishment candidates on both sides of the political fence are lining up against Trump. The entire media establishment is lining up against Trump. Corporate America is against Trump. Wall Street is against Trump. It would be fair to say that, besides the small budget independent news outlets there aren’t too many in his corner. Even many of his own party have abandoned him, which actually gives his words a note of credibility.

In short, Trump will win this election and it will be historic. He will win because the neoliberal, free trade, pro-market, pro-wall street, pro-third world exploitation, pro-off shoring of jobs ideology has abandoned the American worker. Corporate strategic geniuses have demonstrated such little foresight in their quest for short term profit gains that they have forgotten that people in the first world economies actually need money/jobs to buy these cheap overseas products. And if nobody in the first world has a job because wages are too high and it is cheaper to produce in China then the economy stalls. Exactly what is happening right now. It’s not rocket science and it’s not racist. Just like Brexit wasn’t racist. It is a sign of the times that people are finally waking up, taking a look down at their shit sandwich and throwing it in the trash.