Easter Scene

Published in Chicago Quarterly Review, Fall 2018

Benjamin Harnett
Dec 17, 2018 · 1 min read

The neighbor kids
have painted an Easter scene
on their window: white rabbit,
green grass and trees,
a red sun.

This last fact seems
to have bothered them.
They write an apology,
enormous block letters,
taking up a third of the entire
pane: “We don’t have any yellow,”
and an arrow, to explain.

But the iron-oxidizing red,
the glassy smear of it
as it thins at the edges, this
is right for Easter. Apology
is right too, I think,
blood sweating
from the shoulder
as I carve the lamb.

Benjamin Harnett

Written by

Historian, poet, digital engineer. Fiction at @mooncityreview, @longform, & @BklynQly. http://www.benjaminharnett.com

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