The Great Courses: Trump University

Benjamin Harnett
2 min readMar 15, 2016

The Big Questions of Philosophy

Some people have pondered the seemingly unanswerable questions about our existence—the biggest of all being, “Why are we here?” You don’t know the answer. Sad!

Philosophy has developed over thousands and thousands of years to help us grapple with these problems. There is no better way to study the big questions in philosophy than to learn about it from the world’s greatest mind, who is acquainted with everything big, because nothing about him is small.

After comparing the pathetic efforts of the so called “great-minds” who came before, you’ll have nothing left to do but be convinced that Donald Trump has the answers to your problems.

Over the years, thinkers have continued to wrestle with many big questions that inspire thoughtful people everywhere. Pathetic!

You’ll find out the answers to all these questions, and more:

  • What is knowledge? (Give me a break.)
  • Can religious belief be justified? (Are you serious?)
  • Does God exist? (Sad.)
  • What is the nature of the mind?
  • Do humans have free will? (Pathetic.)
  • What is morally right and wrong?
  • How should society be organized? (Are you kidding me?)

Donald Trump isn’t giving the answers out for free, but once you’ve taken The Big Questions of Philosophy you’ll know as much as billionaire* Donald Trump does about life.

*Donald Trump is definitely a billionaire. There is literally no question about this. None.

Donald Trump has read lots of philosophers. No one can say he hasn’t. He’s read and totally obliterated Wittgenstein, Nozick, and Rawls; and many others you have never heard of. While it is easy to think of philosophy as a catalogue of great names, they’re all losers.

The Big Questions of Philosophy is your chance to engage in this intellectually exciting pursuit. Your guide is Donald John Trump, American businessman, politician, television personality, candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election, and noted philosopher.

A Modern-Day Socrates

In 36 mesmerizing half-hour lectures that will challenge your old assumptions and recharge your current thinking, Donald Trump plays a role much like Socrates in Plato’s dialogues. He is good-natured, lucid, and dogged in his search for the truth. You start each lecture with a question that is often transparently simple, but that grows increasingly subtle and complex as you consider and object to possible solutions, until Donald Trump reveals the answer. Surprised? Pathetic.

Watch out for “Little Pascal.” Donald Trump totally destroys him, because he really knows his way around a wager.

“If you’re not a millionaire at the end of these lectures, sad.” —Donald J. Trump



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