To Do:

Originally published in Third Wednesday, Vol. X, №3

Learn what parkour is.

Direct a shot-for-shot remake of Anaconda.
Reconcile the Abhrahamic religions
as equally ridiculous.

Dig up some golden tablets
on a hill in Western New York,

translate them with the help of a crystal.
Finally learn how to do my job.

Grow a long beard
and fashion artisanal complaints
five times as expensive as regular ones.

Finally read Harry Potter.
Build a “star gate” out of used cereal boxes
and visit Illinois.

Publish a goddamned poem.

Learn to whistle two melodies at once.
Also learn to whistle.
Get a life; get another.

Win the National Book Award
for Twitter.

Idea: colder fusion. Reach out
about that thing.

that everything, everywhere
is ending.
Forget again.