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Early in my career I heard someone say this on the topic of complexity in Software Engineering:

“A good Software Engineer can take a complex problem and build a solution.
A great Software Engineer can take a complex problem and build a simple solution.”

I’ve worked in the world of Software Engineering for the past 13 years or so, and I can say without hesitation that this statement is absolutely one hundred percent true. Any quality Software Engineer can solve basically any technical challenge. The broader issue, however, is that rarely are real-world problems solved by overcoming technical challenges alone…

I just logged back into my account at The Old Reader after an extraordinarily long time. I used to follow certain blogs a lot around 2007–2011. As you can probably imagine, almost all of the blogs I used to follow either haven’t been updated in years or they simply no longer exist.

Some of the now-defunct blogs surprised me. Some used to be really active and seemed to flourish from a successful business model. Others were personal projects by highly respected, high-profile, authors. …


  • Use at least two partitions (or hard drives)
  • Keep the operating system, and programs on the main partition
  • Store documents, media, and everything else that should survive an O/S reinstall on a separate partition
  • Automate a backup process for the O/S partition. Ideally this should be on another physical drive, but for software-only crashes it’s still sufficient to store on a separate partition of the same disk.
  • Automate a backup procedure for the documents folder, and any other important media
  • Backup the documents folder to multiple locations (2nd hard drive, dedicated thumb drive, ftp site, dropbox)
  • Backups can never…

Ben Harrison

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