I’ve been thinking about the one inescapable drive of men (and women): to compete for status. The Left intelligentsia tend to denigrate avenues for competition and status-acquisition, such as computer games, sports, and other physical pursuits. Those of lesser intelligence denigrate scientists and ‘pointy heads’ in turn.

The Left tend to exclude those of lesser intelligence from their debating groups, or at least don’t try to include them by simplifying language and ideas to make them comprehensible. As a result, the less intelligent form their own tribes, often upon ideas from the Right that are more accessible and simple. The problem is, these tribes are vulnerable to exploitation from intelligent wolves; both directly through leaders, and indirectly by pundits and Right-wing media.

A good example is drones, marketed to every idiot as the new gadget to have, that they use only once or twice. Those suppliers of drones effectively formed a tribe of idiots based upon status envy, and there were no well-intentioned leaders saying “do you really need this thing?” No, the leadership in that case is the advertising, and peer pressure does the rest.

I think society needs to find a way to create tribes that are inclusive of different intelligence levels, and that contain different activities that all can excel at. Just as hunter-gatherer tribes had hunters and story-tellers. Weavers and witch doctors. You put all the weavers together, and they’re bound to be drawn to ideology that they can understand. Story-tellers are necessary to help them understand complexity, but not to denigrate their weaving activities at the same time.

Newcastle, Australia just experienced the V8 Supercars and I heard many Left Intelligensia (some whose lives were disrupted, some whose weren’t) denigrating the sport, and those who follow it. At the same time, the sport is being corruptly influenced by Redbull, who conspired with officials to prevent a challenger winning. Where are the story-tellers able to help these fans rid their tribe of corruption? No, they’re all on the outside of the tent, pissing in. Is it any wonder these people listen to Right-wing pundits, and not Left-wing academics?