Welcome to my introduction on Medium. Been waiting to do this, but i’m lazy so i just forgot. Let’s start with an intro to each. Hi I’m Ben (to the reader — if any). So.. we are going to cover some topics in this. I also want to mention I’m from London, UK.


Let’s start off with computers. Wait.. maybe I should put that in an addiction section not an interests section. Anyway I love computers. I mostly use my 2015 Macbook Pro 13" Retina 512gb. Why do i have to be so specific? Why did i just put “have to be”? I don’t have to say anything. I dont even has to write this. But I want to so I will. I’m a programmer. I make things with code. Instead of my hands. But if you think about it in 2015 (the current year if your reading in the future) 3D printers need programming and programmers make them, and you can make 3d tools with them as with the name 3D printer.

Moving on to my second addiction. Coffee. Not just any coffee though. A freshly ground guatemalan coffee. A lot of it. I can deal with espresso capsules. By the way i just want to point out to any person who doesnt know. Its ‘espresso’ not ‘expresso’. Now that we have that out of the way we can move on to Section 2. But first i’ll just cover something , Music. Music is what keeps me focused. Either Deep House & Pop. When I’m programming i can do both but when I’m drinking coffee I either go for normal house and pop music. Okay now we can move on.

What I’m usually doing ?:

Okay as you can probably tell from my last section I’m mostly on my computer drinking coffee. But I do live a life you know. I watch Youtube. And I am currently in the education life so yeah, that involves homework. But I do wake up at 6:am so I have time, eh? Or just before at night. Is Medium to informal to put lol? It is 2015 it basically is a word. Nah. Okay. So as you can see im writing this as like if I’m talking, well I am, via the ‘medium’ of words. Get it: Writing on “Medium” and using the ‘‘medium’ of words’. Yeah you don’t. Im going for a coffee now.

Links to my life:

Twitter: @codemakemehappy


My Favourite things I though i should mention:


Code: StackOverflow, Medium, Codecademy

Mac Apps: Caffeine, Better Touch Tool, Duet, Alfred etc…

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