Late night Coffee — An Addiction + Plans

So let’s set the scene, I’m at my desk on iPad and mac browsing through tasks i didn’t throughout the day and the doing them. But having the urge for coffee even though I feel pumped and ready. Why? I don’t know. Today i just got this new ‘coffee gadgets’ the Cafflano Klassic from Firebox and it’s great but the so called ‘adjustments’ you can make to the coarseness of the grind just aren’t true and are should not be said. I just want to point out how Firebox include sweets in there packaging like today I got some Haribos but when i got my Polar Pen (that i’ve now lost the magnets for ) I got ‘Rainbow Drops’. Okay that covers that, i just want to put it out there that i don’t want this to be a blog or something probably just a way of me expressing some creativity that involves talking about my life. Is that a blog? I think it is. The moment after writing what i just wrote before I though i should talk about what I will write about:


I’ll be talking about software and doing some mini-tutorials. That’ll include Top 5–10's or review of a certain product, program or game. And the occational coffee articles. I know I’ve already written my introduction this gives me two articles in one day. Addiction is starting.

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