UX Unicorns Exist and You Should Find Them
Jiri Brezovsky

It’s funny, I transitioned from print design to UX/UI four years ago due to the fact that the print industry in Chicago back then had pretty much dried up, and having three kids, I had to do something fast or I was going to lose everything. Not being able to afford formal UX education, and not knowing where to start, I picked up a great HTML/CSS coding book and learned to code. But that was just getting my toes wet. I then was offered a great role as a UI Designer for the Discovery Channel (18 month contract) that worked out well. Then the next role was 6 month web design gig with heavy coding, that was challenging. I then realized that I was really liking the shorter contracts as they offered me many different role experiences within the digital landscape. Over the next three years I took on roles as a UX Architect, UX Designer, UI Designer, Web Designer, Email Designer, UX Researcher, pretty much everything under the sun just trying to learn what best suited me and find my niche. In the process I became a Unicorn. It just happened that way. Along the way learning everything I could on the cheap through online tutorials from many sources such as UDEMY, Lynda.com, TUTS, etc. What I have learned in the process is you have to be willing to fail in order to grow, as painful as it can be. But sometimes through failure you grow, and successes are achieved.

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