When you Completely Change Direction in Business

There’s a fine line between persistence and insanity.

And I hope I didn’t blow it.

In the past eighteen months since launching my coaching practice, Streamly has been headed in a definite direction: to work one-on-one with small business owners to help them gain clarity and direction and really start getting things done on their business, instead of just working in their business.

But in February of 2017, I joined Portland-based coaching agency Elite Coaching as their Small Business Coach. Also in February, I slated a time to host and facilitate an eight-week sales training. I wanted to share with my existing clients and some of my close contacts what I’d learned about non-traditional sales. So I did.

I hustled around and got a group together fairly quickly. So I booked another time and date to start a second eight-week training. In my prospecting for attendees, I noticed was that there was a lot of interest in what I was doing. Big companies, small companies, freelancers.. The gamut.

Turns out, there’s a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs that haven’t had any formal sales training at all, much less learning a non-traditional approach that doesn’t involve chasing and annoying people. Or sending proposals and never hearing back. Or doing the dog-and-pony show for people who may not even be able to afford the product or service.

Pretty soon, I had some very large companies calling and asking about the sales training. Quite frankly, this never happened when I was only doing one-on-one coaching. When I wanted a new client, I had to go out, kill it, and drag it back to the cave.

So, I’ve done the only sensible thing to do: I’ve changed my focus to working closely with Elite Coaching to bring the sales training to the market that is looking for it. Tada!

Maybe it’s the entrepreneur’s “this is my baby” idea, but it was surprisingly tough to shift focus from my previous direction. Although in hindsight, it’s pretty obvious: “Should I keep doing this the hard way, or start giving my market what they’re actually looking for?”

And so, that’s next.

If you want to hear more, I’d like to invite you to the 90-minute Sales Mastermind Preview where we’ll be sharing the guts of the non-traditional sales system and how it may be able to help you close more of the projects you actually want.

It’s on May 9th.

Will I see you there?

For more on the Sales Mastermind, click here

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