My First Personal Blogging Mistake

After attending a presentation by an alumni about an upcoming career fair that I had at college, I took the time after to speak with him. I asked him about how I should go about the career fair as a first-year student. I also asked him for advice on how to get ahead of the competition and make myself marketable. One of the things he suggested was creating a blog and possibly using it to write about my experiences as an English major over the course of my four years at college. I loved the idea.

In my first two articles the topics just hit me and I had to write about them. It was central to my blog’s focus. In my last two articles, however, although I put a lot of effort into writing them, others have written similar articles online. Although my strategies for making your morning work for me and are good strategies, there are many many blogs that write about the same topic. There are also many blogs about the education system. I loved the idea the alumni suggested to me because it was a great and original idea.

I believe that I can provide great articles, as long as they stay true to what I strongly believe. About an hour from now I will be sharing an article that has to do with the education system but in relation to a few of my own personal experiences; I hope you all enjoy it.