It’s good to be a robot entrepreneur.

Being all logic and no emotions, you can make hard decisions with ease. You hire the right people based on the correct metrics. You make difficult calls with the deftness of Occam’s Razor. You fire poor performers without any emotional baggage. …

The “Extreme Choice Framework” for living an interesting life

Extreme winds whip up a snow storm in Ushuaia, Argentina, at the southern tip of the Americas. Photo by Ben Huh

I received a heartfelt question from a friend who is a young, single, software developer, about making a difficult choice. Should he:

  1. Return to a startup offering big money? But one that’s burned him out.
  2. Travel extensively but spend down his savings? Feels irresponsible.

Many of our choices are based…

I’m leaving Cheezburger, Inc., the company I started.

Emily and I. 8 years after starting our company.

Dear Friends and Fans of Cheezburger,

After 8 incredible years, I am stepping down from being CEO of Cheezburger today.

I will remain a Board member. Cheezburger’s President and COO, Scott Moore will step in to the CEO role with my full support. Scott has proven to be a skilled…

Ben Huh

Now: Building New Cities at Y Combinator. Then: CEO and Founder of Cheezburger and co-founder of Circa.

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