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One of the main reasons for love to Telegram in the convenience of the interface. Bots successfully fit as a business solution and are actively used by many companies. And on the eve of the release of TON, more and more projects are involved in this direction.

The advantages of bots are obvious:
* instant access to your favorite messenger;
* stable incoming notifications;
* security-nobody has ever managed to hack Telegram;
* intuitive interface.

Can a bot be more convenient than a full-fledged application? Check the example of Binance: open the bot @benice_tools_bot and authorize API keys.

Through it you can see the balance of your wallet, learn statistics, receive notifications, place complex orders and much more. …

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What projects will live? Articles Series: Blockchain: The Hows and Whys of Investing.

Blockchain is not all about money. The technology has so many ways to be utilized in, and the several projects that are growing with blockchain as its base, are an important part of various industries, and are changing lives worldwide.

Many projects that have come up to the surface seem to benefit us heavily, but there are projects that are not anything more than scams. Not every project is going to survive with transparent technology, and here are some of the best projects built with blockchain.

Self Key

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5 ways used by a Benice professional trader to improve trading:

1. Be open to new information

Fulfill yourself in different areas. Trading is a huge field of ​​knowledge. It embraces commodity, exchange, stock markets and each of them has its own special features and nature. It is important that you find an appropriate area. The trader’s main skill is to “read” charts. This knowledge will help you withdraw from a transaction at the right time. Meanwhile, fundamental analysis is another crucial area of ​​knowledge. This science deals with all types of economic indicators of the functioning of an asset.

2. Stress resistance

Make sure you include risk management in your trading system! It means that your trading system is about limiting losses if the price goes against you, it is also about entering a transaction when its profitability potential is likely to exceed 50%. It is only part of the story, but if you follow these two principles, it will turn the scale of the trade expected value in your favor! …

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How Did it all Begin?

Blockchain on the surface can seem very abstract, with very little meaning for those who don’t know about it. Blockchain or previously known as blockchain, is a growing list of records called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Before blockchain was ever in use of cryptocurrency, it had its beginnings in the field of computer science, especially in cryptography and data structures.

Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta in 1991 first described their work on a cryptographically secured chain of blocks, where they tried to build a system where document timestamps could not be tampered with. From there, the first blockchain was conceptualized in 2008, which improved upon the previous design. The following year, the design was implemented on the cryptocurrency bitcoin. …

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Hello, friends! Get DEMO access to experience what is possible with our telegram assistant.

How can you do this?

Just click the link @benice_tools_bot
Check up your balance, statistics, and other features in demo mode.

Get acquainted with the new service in a simple and quick way without introducing your API keys.

You can also activate the paid version, which gives you access to trading strategies. Choose your favorite strategy and your portfolio will automatically follow the trading transactions of a professional trader.

An intriguing beginning

At the end of 2017, Pavel Durov announced that he had plans to monetize his Telegram project, which did not generate profit before.

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It was announced that Telegram was going to enter the ICO and collect 6.3 billion dollars, which would make it the largest ICO project in history.

At the moment, its pre-ICO has already finished. The project primarily entices wealthy investors ready to invest $ 1 million and more.

The reputation of Pavel Durov speaks for the great prospects of TON, because he has approved himself to be challenging and persistent when it comes to pursuing the interests of his project. The invaluable experience he gained with his first offspring VKontake will affect the quality of the project development, especially regarding its legal bearings. Pavel is very careful in this respect, and capital mobilization through venture funds from “selected” investors at the preliminary stages of the ICO fits the current market realities. …

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You can freeze your funds in the Benice telegram bot. If you click the Fix button, all funds you have in your wallet are converted into usdt. What is this currency? What recent events has it been involved in? Is it safe to leave the market switching to Tether? You are going to find out the answers to these questions in this article.

What do you need to know about USDT?

USDT is a unique currency that helps you convert fiat currency into digital currency.

Tether makes up about 92% of the market capitalization of all stablecoins (coins pegged to real currencies). The stablecoin Tether pursues two main goals: to stabilize Bitcoin’s irregularities and to preserve the buying power of the investors when large cryptocurrencies go down in price. …

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Greetings from Benice team! — that’s how we usually begin our articles on TradingView. Today we have decided to share our market forecasts with the users of Medium and to tell you about Ethereum. By the way, in addition to articles, we regularly publish an update of ideas on our channel. If you follow them, you can gain profit.

In the last year, watching price changes of Ethereum has been like riding a roller coaster, one day it caught a bid, another day it dropped again. All the actors on the exchange are shocked at these sharp jumps.

We have seen Ethereum coin at a minimum of 167.32 during the year. Moreover, it has recently freshed its lows. It is one of the few coins that have fallen below their minimums during the year. What is the reason? …

Hooray, friends! Great news! Today BeNice launches a beta test program:

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We give the following functions completely free of charge:

1. Balance display

The overall balance of the wallet in usd, btc;

2. Statistics

Statistics for your portfolio since you registered in the service;

3. Notifications

Four types of notifications on trading activities:

• partially filled;

• filled;

• new;

• canceled;

4. Profit-taking

Profit-taking the entire portfolio in usdt instantly.

This function will help you when the market declines. You will be able to keep all your savings in a stable currency, and, therefore, to benefit from a fall in exchange.

If you are interested, click the link: and test our product.

To become a professional trader, you need to spend a lot of time to study the market. But to trade cryptocurrency professionally, you don’t need to spend a lot of time. And this is not a fairy tale, because BeNice is a service where you can simply copy the portfolio of a professional trader.

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How will this happen?

The rating of traders will be presented in our service. The investor will be able to view their trading statistics and subscribe to the one whose strategy he will like the most. …


✔Benice - personal assistant.

The first Truly Personal Assistant in messenger allows you to safely invest, keeping the funds in your pocket, without constant news feeds and hours behind

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