Future for bots: Telegram and Binance example

One of the main reasons for love to Telegram in the convenience of the interface. Bots successfully fit as a business solution and are actively used by many companies. And on the eve of the release of TON, more and more projects are involved in this direction.

The advantages of bots are obvious:
* instant access to your favorite messenger;
* stable incoming notifications;
* security-nobody has ever managed to hack Telegram;
* intuitive interface.

Can a bot be more convenient than a full-fledged application? Check the example of Binance: open the bot @benice_tools_bot and authorize API keys.

Through it you can see the balance of your wallet, learn statistics, receive notifications, place complex orders and much more.

As a result, the most necessary is collected in one Telegram bot and is controlled by several buttons. And all information is given in the form of diagrams and pictures.

Do these bots really displace sites? No 2FA authorization and mail confirmation to log in.

At the same time, the keys remain safe, because the bot is hidden behind Telegram servers. A kind of POT( Proof of Telegram), eliminating external threats.

✔Benice - personal assistant.

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The first Truly Personal Assistant in messenger allows you to safely invest, keeping the funds in your pocket, without constant news feeds and hours behind

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