Bernie is still running for President…as a Horcrux!

As a belated Happy Birthday to Harry Potter, here’s a political analogy that I hope can help some “Bernie or Busters” see past their Clinton aversion just a little, however strong it may be. (SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read or seen the entire Harry Potter series, and you plan on doing so, what follows reveals a plot device that you may not want to know about in advance.) In the world of Harry Potter, a “horcrux” is basically an object that contains a part of the soul of a person (created by killing someone else) to enable their “resurrection” in the future after they “die”. (I realize that the sordid details of exactly *how* horcruxes are formed makes this an imperfect analogy.)

When Bernie was defeated by HRC (& the DNC), 80–85% of what Bernie believes in and has fought for throughout his entire political career including the 2016 primary campaign (his “soul”) went “into” the Democratic Party Platform. Most of Bernie continues to “live” in that document. Now, Clinton has publicly committed (in front of tens of millions) to implementing that document. Sure, Clinton’s verbal commitment is no guarantee, but it offers us significant public leverage going forward— it may be worth remembering that H.W. Bush’s “Read my lips, no new taxes” reversal cost him re-election. While Clinton prevaricates like a politician, she is not the utterly unpredictable lying-machine that Drumpf is. Taken together, then, the Democratic Platform with Clinton as its administrator are Bernie’s horcrux. Neither on their own is sufficient — but together, they make “real” most of “President Bernie Sanders.”

If all frustrated Bernie supporters write him in or vote for Jill Stein (much as I adore what Jill represents) or write-in Nader (WTH?!? I’m hearing that’s a thing now…but how on Earth is that a thing? Did we learn *nothing* from 2000?), then I believe that virtually none of what Bernie and his movement have fought for will come to pass (universal health care, climate action, free public college, civil rights, a more compassionate nation and foreign policy…take your pick — none of it will happen, and almost all of those issues will take a serious turn for the worse). Why vote for 100% of Bernie, and get none of it (100% of zero is still zero), when we can vote for most of what Bernie fought for and get a significant portion of that platform (depending on how hard we continue to push after the election)? AND the real Bernie will still be alive and well in the Senate — to help ensure his horcrux isn’t destroyed.

So, if you’re a “Bernie or Buster” who’s adamantly declared yourself #NeverHillary, consider that, together, Clinton + the new platform are simply Bernie’s horcrux. If you dislike the idea of voting for Clinton, then vote for Bernie…as a horcrux…by filling in the bubble or pressing the button that exists next to Hillary Clinton’s name.