Someone has to the be arbiter of the Convention.

Thank you. I appreciate the thorough response. Would the adoption of the standard Robert’s Rules not have been possible as a more palatable alternative then? Seems like a sensible way to make everyone happy — something that, in hindsight, was clearly needed.

Also, isn’t it necessary (or certainly advisable, in the interest of maintaining at least the perception of fairness) that, if an initial voice vote is not fairly decisive, an alternative mechanism be used?

Finally, I noticed elsewhere in these threads that someone had mentioned to you that, while 4 rules committee members were selected from each camp, there were another 11 appointed by…well, she said the DNC (which you disputed), although perhaps she meant NSDP — which appeared to be Clinton supporters. Is this just a complete fiction or is there something to these further details?

Thank you for your thoroughness on all of this.

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