Proving her point?
Ben Evans

Uh…wow, you went right off the rails fast there. That’s quite a “high road” you’re taking — blanket insults about “white guys”; a knee-jerk dismissal of links you won’t even read because of some weird hang-up with thumbnail images; the assumption that it “chaps my hide” that a woman is running for president (hint: you couldn’t be more wrong — I would absolutely LOVE to have a woman president and it’s high time we did, but the issues of climate change, campaign finance, income inequality, and government corruption compel me to vote for Sanders at this critical moment in time).

Regarding your inexplicable rant about photoshop files and “30–40-year-old pics,” I can only assume you’re referring to the thumbnails that are automatically included with every link (why, I don’t know — but your 3 links include them too) with the link itself. Just click on the link to read the article — it won’t hurt you. It’s by a group called Physicians for a National Health Program — a well-respected organization whose 20,000 members (comprised of doctors and other healthcare experts) have been educating the general public on the benefits of single-payer healthcare since 1987.

The rest of your post quite frankly leads me to the conclusion that you’re far more interested in slinging around ignorant insults and absurd epithets than you are in debating the actual content of the original article. Sorry, but I have no time for that. So I’ll bid you a good day. Bye.

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