Thank you to the DAPP Network community for a year of growth, learning and collaboration.

Blockchain technology is transforming the world by replacing legacy centralized systems with trustless, transparent protocols. It is driving a more inclusive and resilient financial system, and releasing the internet from the grips of large corporations that control our data and our attention. Yet, for a while, it seemed like network limitations and the cost of resources were preventing blockchain-based applications from leaving the station and making the journey to primetime.

Just over a year ago, on the weekend after my wedding, I sat down with my good friend and partner Tal Muskal to brainstorm solutions that would unleash blockchain technology…

As firm believers in the ideals of decentralization and the power of Web3.0, our focus has always been on empowering developers to create scalable decentralized applications (dApps) by equipping them with the necessary tools and infrastructure. Since the inception of EOS, we have been active members of the community and, alongside a vibrant global network of contributors that we now call friends and colleagues, have helped to make EOS the home for dApp creation on blockchain. Over the last year, we have witnessed the incredible transformation of EOS — from an inspiring idea into the most actively used public blockchain…

Partisan politics and tribalism rule the space. What can be done?

Technology extends our reach as people. It reduces the latency between thought, speech, and action by enabling us to act out our impulses on a whim. While this has its benefits, harmful manifestations of tribalism, such as racism, misogyny, prejudice, and xenophobia, have found particularly fertile ground for growth on the internet, enabled by the lack of accountability internet speech affords us.

Despite setting out to cure ills exacerbated by closed-source technologies, blockchain networks have given rise to a unique brand of crypto tribalism: coin cultism. The proliferation of various crypto networks, each with its own unique token and an…

Blockchain has reached a critical turning point.

It’s no longer just the buzzword of the year. There are countless use cases of decentralized technology popping up all over the world from citizens relying on Bitcoin in Venezuela & Zimbabwe to Walmart moving their food supply tracking to the blockchain.

The infrastructure, developers and ideas are there — so why isn’t blockchain a core part of our everyday lives?

Blockchain innovation abounds but no one has figured out a way to help developers build decentralized applications (dApps) that can scale to millions of users.

Until now.

LiquidApps, launching today, is creating…

Beni Hakak

CEO of LiquidApps

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