Dearest Abeni,

By the time you are reading this, you would be 20 years of age cause it’s your birthday bitchhhhhh!

Forgive my manners, I am super excited, you are wondering why ?

I know you are a horrible guesser so I would save you the stress. I spoke to younger You(s).

Disclaimer: This is not a post about how couples go in dates, show us themselves, what they are eating and what they would be eating later — no further details.

“Your views are based partly on wokeness and personal convictions, whilst mine are based on morals” — this were his…

“After all, soulmates end up together”

What if my soulmate is a girl, I asked innocently.

“Walahi you is gay”, my sister is saying eyeing me suspiciously.

Okay okay hear me out first

Sometimes I feel my soulmate is Tumy who I always go get shawarma with, always having tea for each other or I am crying with or we…

Ebunoluwa Benita

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