Benito Brow Bar Guide to Threading

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What is threading?

Threading is a centuries-old hair removal treatment. It comes from India and the Middle East and has travelled across the world to become a popular method of hair removal in the West.

How does threading work?

With a piece of organic cotton, your technician will carefully remove your unwanted hair using a twisting technique. Due to its precision, threading creates amazing results for you while being very quick.

Why should I choose threading over alternative treatments?

Mainly because of the accuracy and control this technique offers technicians. Unlike waxing, threading removes your individual hairs row-by-row. Your technician is able to remove fine hairs that are impossible to reach with waxing. As a result, you’re left with a precisely defined and clean shape.

Kinder to your skin

Threading is also much kinder to your skin than waxing. It removes only your hair, not your skin as well. Threading is perfect if:

  • you have sensitive skin
  • you don’t like having hot wax and chemicals near your eyes and other intimate areas

While threading can be uncomfortable during the treatment, any soreness and redness goes away quickly. This means threading is a more discreet treatment. Unlike waxing, it won’t cause your skin to break out in spots. Threading is quicker than waxing too, so it’s more convenient.

Lasts longer than waxing

As threading pulls your hairs out by the root, it will last you longer than waxing. And you can go for a top-up whenever you like. That’s unlike waxing, which requires a minimum hair length. This means threading is easy to keep on top of than waxing.

How long will my threading treatment take?

Your threading treatment will only take 15 minutes, and often less than that.

She’s a professional, Benito Brow Bar doesn’t advise doing it yourself!

Your Benito Brow Bar Guide to Getting the Best Results from Threading

Before your threading treatment. . .

Make sure you choose your salon and technician carefully. Look for a good reputation, and testimonials from happy customers. Ideally, your technician will from a culture where threading is handed down from generation-to-generation.

A good salon will offer you a consultation before hand. Your technician will ask you the results you desire, and tell you if they are achievable. Between the two of you, you’ll discuss the shape you’re looking for.

Many clients book a joint tint and threading appointment. Please note, you will need to have your tinting treatment done before your threading. You can find details on tinting here, and our treatment packages here.

During your threading treatment. . .

Your technician should guide you through the treatment. They will show you how to stretch properly. This is crucial if you wish to avoid damage to your skin. If you’re having your eyebrows threaded, your technician will treat one eyebrow at a time. That way you can review your progress as you go along.

After your threading treatment. . .

Your technician should apply soothing aloe vera gel to your skin. Aloe vera has been used alongside threading for hundreds of years, in Middle Eastern and Indian cultures. We advise clients to continue applying aloe vera gel themselves, twice daily for five days after threading.

Please don’t attempt to pluck your eyebrows between treatments. Even getting just one hair wrong can spoil your whole look. You’ll be stuck looking strange until your eyebrows grow out.

Instead, simply return to your salon when you’re ready for a refresh. In most cases, that’ll be every two-to-four weeks.

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