LeadWise Academy Week #1 Reflections
Moses Mohan

Hi Moses,

It was really interesting to read your reflection, specially because what you said was almost the same thing that happened to me and my workgroup!-) We had the same objective, a training company, and we did it in a beautiful online (google drive) collaborative way!

I really loved your visual presentation of the roles, and the division on 4 fields! It was a great way to make it simple to understand! Loved some roles as the guardian of peace, the crazy dreamer,space experience architect, the people growth catalyst, and many others!

Your article is really interesting, I loved to know about awakengroup! It inspires me! You use a wonderful word that is creativity! And you say:

Creation is scary, and the trick is to just get started. Create, embrace creative tensions and ambiguity, and keep iterating. What’s often holding us back is probably the fear of getting started. The best time to get started is right now.”

I found really inspiring the “the fear of getting started”.

I think that what stop us is just the primary belief that we are in a position, that we are in something. I believe that we are always coming from something and going to something else.

Keep going through!

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