Semantic SEO: An Ultimate Way to Add Depth in the Content

This is the fact that SEO becomes more difficult with every passing year. This is because of the fact that more content is being generated and then efforts are made to bring it into the first page’s real estate of Google. So, it remains a question how to get the content promoted to the first page. Well, you can work on semantic SEO to get the job done.

What semantic SEO really is?

Semantic SEO basically involves enhancing the meaningfulness of the web content. It is worth mentioning here that Google has become much smarter to analyze the content to make sure that it is capable of providing answers to a set of questions. It means that you will have to answer the most relative questions in your content.

The major advantages of semantic SEO are as under:

· You will be able to add variety of keywords in the content.

· Your content will stay in the ranking for long time.

Writing content while focusing semantic SEO

Semantic SEO is all about making a research on what the searcher would like to see in your content. For this purpose, you will have to develop content by making a research on the questions that searchers ask frequently. It is more like completing a puzzle and that too by finding the blocks. You can get help from the Google’s sections like “related to search” and “people also ask”.

You can start with traditional way of doing keyword research. But the real way of adding meaning to your content is to work on keywords that compose a sensible question. For this purpose, you can get an idea from the SERP’s section “searches related to”. That will give you an idea about the types related to your product that people search for.

Using these specific questions, you can develop the content. This content is surely going to answer a lot of questions by the audience.

The reward: featured snippets

An exciting result that you can get with the help of semantic SEO is that your content will get showcased in the featured snippets. This Position-Zero listing basically emphasizes the credibility of your content. In other words, showing up as featured snippet is technically a listing above number one.

Semantic SEO value

As discussed earlier, semantic SEO can help you content to show up in different search results. When you enter the main keyword in search bar, there are several questions under ‘people also ask’. Upon clicking any question, a drop down shows some clickable links which take you to entirely different SERPs. If you are able to rank your website against majority of those questions, you are definitely going to get more leads and, hence, better conversion rate.

To conclude, we can say that semantic SEO is an approach that cares about relevancy, value and the immediate questions that searchers would ask.

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