Andela Kenya Boot-camp experience part two

Today being on a Wednesday of date 30 August the year 2017, as far as the Andela Kenya Boot-camp is concerned i must confess that have really learned a lot when it comes to software development. For instance through the python language of which am really working hard to get into grasp, have learned how to install the flask micro-framework using the windows command prompt “pip install flask” command,also i learned how to create a virtual environment for flask which entails running of python projects on a separate environment apart from the main directory. Another technique have learned by today is using the Travis CI which helps the developer to safely execute codes after small changes rather than executing the whole batch code. Basically,it has being a success on my side as far as the boot-camp and i hope at the end of the entire process i shall gained a lot of experience in the art of software development. Big ups to Andela Kenya for granting me such a glorious opportunity to learn from the best and offer my technical support where needed so as to push this endeavor in the right channel

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