Footie Talk: British Press Strikes Again.

How far is too far for the press to go? Last week, Wayne Rooney was criticised in a number of tabloids for attending a wedding reception and staying up until 5am drinking after the England friendly match against Spain. What followed was serious backlash by both the public and notable football journalists about the nature of the attack.

Many of the critics of these attacks quoted the extensive history of footballers living a wild lifestyle (see Spice Boys, Paolo Di Canio and of course, the cocaine cowboy — Diego Maradona), While this context is an important detail to note when fighting back against these personal, unwarranted attacks — we shouldn’t need to lean on the players of the past to defend the actions of Wayne Rooney. It’s true, the United player is representing the country, it should not give anyone the freedom to shame a professional for taking some time to wind down.

This week, it was revealed that Rooney’s fellow England players, Adam Lallana and Jordan Henderson attended a strip club that same night, and despite the initial backlash of the Rooney treatment, they received the same from the ravenous British press. But here’s the good news — if there was any validation of the idea that the tabloids were unjustified in attacking Rooney, it’s the follow-up attack of Henderson and Lallana. The latter two (especially Lallana) are notably subdued characters, known for their reserved approach and responsibility, so what does this say about the irresponsible, lazy Journos who are taking this approach? They’re grasping at straws.

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