How to Make your Android Phone Intelligent

First up, high-5 to you… you’re using an Android mobile (or at least you’ll wish you were after reading this article). That means you have way more control over how it works compared to Apple’s iPhone.

So, your mobile is great, but wouldn’t it be cool if it could ‘intelligently’ do things automatically for you at just the right time? It can…

For a while now I’d been using an app called Automate (worthy of a mention), but found it a little complex. Then I stumbled across MacroDroid — which is amazing! Seriously, go and download it now… it’ll change your life. With MacroDroid you can tell it to perform certain actions based on certain triggers.

Just in case you’re thinking ‘eh, how is that going to make my life better — what would I even tell it to do?’, allow me to illustrate with a couple of personal examples.

First up, think of actions with multiple steps that you perform many times a day, or even a week. These things are candidates for automation. In my case I use my bluetooth speaker a couple of times a day, and each time I turn it on, I then open up my podcast app. No big deal, but wouldn’t it be nice if the app opened automatically when I turned the speaker on? MacroDroid can do that for you (and even start the music playing if you wish). Here’s what that simple macro looks like:

Launch Podcast App when Bluetooth Speaker Connects

As you can see from the screenshot above, when I turn on my Bluetooth speaker and it connects to my phone (the Trigger), then the Podcast Republic app launches (the Action).

You’ll see an empty Constraints section in the above screenshot. This enables you to make ‘conditional’ macros. I’ve used these for another macro which launches my Waze sat-nav app (to check traffic) when I leave the office.

Launch Waze when I Leave the Office

Here you’ll see that the Trigger is me going out of range of the office WiFi (i.e. leaving the office). The Action being to launch the Waze app. Because I also leave the office at lunch (and don’t want sat-nav at that time), I’ve used Constraints to make sure the Action is only performed if the Trigger happens between specified times on certain days of the week.

MacroDroid is highly configurable — these are only simple examples. It can perform multiple Actions for a single Trigger and you can really make it as complex as you need.

What types of things would you automate? Download it now and share your ideas and successes in the comments below.

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