Admissions of Defeat

Another installment of Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything.

We begin this installment with TOE regular Peter Choyce, who admits he has a big problem with meth addiction, and we are not talking about Breaking Bad.

Now that the recession is over and all of the downsized and downtrodden have been carted off to greener and grassier pastures, I once again feel safe to wander the streets and alleyways of my neighborhood, even in the dead of night.

A few establishments in my neighborhood seem extremely well positioned to make this transition from the old to the new — like the Psychic on Avenue C, now called @psychic.

They added a blue neon checkmark to their new sign, and underneath it: #changeyourlife #bigpsychicdata

The other night I decided to go inside.

What the hell is going on with the NSA?! The Edward Snowden revelations make it obvious that the spies are out of control. According to our Washington D.C. correspondent Chris, they even want to build backdoors into podcasts…