Out of The Office

Another installment of Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything.

Even though companies like Yahoo! and HP are recalling their remote workers, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson believe that we are entering the golden age of Remote Work.

Programmer David Hansson, began his career at 37signals as a remote worker, he did all of the programming on Basecamp (the popular collaboration program) working from Copenhagen. But when he moved to Chicago, to join 37signals as a partner, he started getting a lot less work done. So he decamped for remoter pastures.

Technology, he says, is what makes Remote work possible. Programs like Basecamp, Google Hangout, gchat, these programs enable us to collaborate with our coworkers without even being in the same room.

INTERGUARD is a different kind of remote Technology. CEO Brad Miller tells us all about how Businesses can use Interguard to monitor their off site employees and make sure everyone is doing their job.

Ignacio Uriarte is an Office Artist. After spending years working in gray and beige cubicles he escaped to make art about… the office! I spoke with him about his work, when he was in town for an exhibition of his art at the Drawing Center in New York.

Bic Monochromes

And wrapping up this installment: Ravenna Koenig, TOE’s newest correspondent, explains the difference between Facebook-Work & Work-Work.*

*Some of identifying characteristics in this story, such as the names of institutions and individuals, have been changed.