another installment of Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

Technology consultant Sarah Slocum loves social media, the name of her company is I Love Social Media, Inc. A few months ago a friend gave her a pair of Google Glass — Within a week Sarah was sold.

Sarah Slocum

Sarah now loves her Google Glass just as much as she loves social media. She wears them everywhere. A couple of weeks ago she took the train from San Mateo (where she lives) to San Francisco for a pub crawl. But when she walked into Molotov’s (a bar on Haight Street) Sarah discovered not everyone shares her love for wearable technology. Someone grabbed Sarah’s Google Glass and her purse, then ran out of the bar. She only got the Google Glass back.

The story blew up. Sarah’s been on, or talked about on, CNN, Gawker, The New Yorker, and the LA Times, amongst others. Her detractors say she was violating a reasonable expectation of privacy, which she’s been accused of before.

Sarah sees it differently, she says she was the victim of a Haight crime.

Your host once again made his annual pilgrimage to South by Southwest Interactive in Austin. This year he was determined to avoid the craziness…but he failed miserably. He ended up at a hack day designing bizarre wearables with strange people.

Sam Biddle of Valleywag says that David Shing (a.k.a Shingy) on a wrecking ball is South by Southwest Interactive 2014 distilled to a single image.

Shingy is AOL's Digital Prophet. He says our technology often leaves us pizzled (puzzled+pissed off). He believes wearables will solve the pizzled problem and allow us to be both digital and human.

The hack day segment of this episode was recorded binaurally. That means if you listen with headphones or a LiveAudio enabled Jambox you will have a different three dimensional sound experience. Special thanks to Jawbone (they make the Jambox) who provided support to make this happen.