A Vision For A Fair, Free and Thriving Civic Future



This document emerges from the underlying sense that our systems of self- determination and sovereignty (economy and governance) are failing to generate sufficient confidence and quality of life for a majority of human and non-human life. …

A Call For The Artists of The Rise

Photo by Benjamin Henretieg

One of the most distinct features of the Political Rise is creativity. As creators of our world, it’s up to us to imagine, envision, and actualize a world that is beautiful, fair, and free. Classical philosophers of the distant past believed that the three transcendent aspects of humanity were our…

An Invocation of the Rising Masculine

Brothers, Fathers, Sons,

Her body does not belong to you. Her time, her energy, her love and her attention are not yours.

I know what it is to be afraid of the darkness, to grasp furtively at illusions of control, structures of meaning that seem to sooth the gnawing awareness…

A Prayer for Your Soul’s Becoming

Beloved One,

The soul wrapped in matter called ‘You’ is sacred. Stripped first of the infinite, then of mother, then of land, then of self, you have passed through the gates of illusion in search of wholeness beyond wholeness.

Father, Mother, Daughter, Son, Masculine, and Feminine are masks worn by…

Principles for a Beautiful, Purposeful, and Honest Life

I strive in all that I do and with all that I AM to create beauty and celebrate life.

I strive to feel fully all the joy, pain, pleasure, sorrow, love, and the myriad expressions of human emotion & experience, that I may be a hollow bone through which the…

A Common Sense Coalition & Platform for the 100%


We’ve woken up to the brokenness of our world. Trust and connection are more fractured than ever before, leaving people around the world divided and confused. Inequality and violence are on the surface for all to reckon with, but our polarized national leadership seems powerless and unwilling to bridge the…

Benjamin Life

I seem to be a verb making maps of wholeness, harmony, and thriving using words, sounds, and images. Creative Director @political_rise // Governance @inugovern

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