1U custom AWS server, from the re:Invent 2016 AWS innovation at Scale keynote by James Hamilton

Last year we tried to estimate the carbon footprint of cloud workloads and found that the main missing piece was the power consumption of cloud resources. To answer this, we simulated several kinds of workloads and measured memory and CPU consumption on five bare metal instances.

In this article, we will start by taking a closer look at the hardware behind the EC2 service and try to compare it with existing power benchmarks (Chapter 1). Then we will follow-up with:

  • A review on existing research on power modeling applied to cloud infrastructure as well as papers describing factors that can…

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

This is a practical attempt to estimate CO2 emissions for our platform. In short, we discovered that it’s a fascinating but complex topic. The industry is at a very early stage and environmental impact isn’t consistently reported by providers today.

Read also: Estimating AWS EC2 Instances Power Consumption

In this article, we first describe our context (Chapter 1) and share simple steps that helped us to get a better grasp of the physical reality of our virtualized infrastructure (Chapter 2).

Then, we dig deeper into:

  • How to estimate the environmental impact of industrial activities and how existing methodologies apply…

Last year saw the birth of Sunny Tech in Montpellier, South of France. This second edition brought together nearly 500 participants (sold-out) to enjoy 50 conferences and workshops over 5 tracks. The 2-day event covered many tech topics from Software Architecture to DevOps and UX to Data Science.

What sets Sunny Tech apart, in addition to a great line-up, is the relaxed atmosphere surrounding this summer conference. In between talks, participants can spend time outdoors in a great little park to discuss together.

This uniqueness was taken to the next level due to the record breaking heat wave that struck…

With our Innovation HQ in Montpellier (South of France) we strongly support the development of the local Tech scene. It might not seem like it but Montpellier has a vibrant ecosystem and a great developper community: It was missing a Tech conference.

Ils ont l’air sympa non ?

Article initialement rédigé en support de l’Afterwork Digital du 03 Octobre 2016 @ Efficient Innovation — présentation sur Bunkr

La conversation au cœur d’un nouveau cycle d’innovation

Avant d’entrer dans le vif du sujet revenons un peu en arrière. Depuis la création d’internet, la conversation a toujours été au centre des usages, depuis les Chats des années 90 en passant par les messageries instantanées des années 2000. Rappelez vous de MSN Messenger, le service rassemblait tout de même 330 millions d’utilisateurs actifs à son apogée en 2009, dont pas moins de 20 millions en France. …

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