I just wish you guys covered some actual substance/policy instead of being pretentious about the…
John Woke

“ Can you guys tell me why you’re against the repeal of ACA?”

Because doing so would leave millions without any coverage, and would likely result in millions more having coverage that is useless; because prior to the ACA, health care costs were increasing even more than they are now; and because the GOP has yet to provide any alternative at all.

“What’s your concern of the block grants?”

Block grants give away federal taxpayer dollars to states with no assurances that the grants will be spent in a way that helps those they are intended to help.

“Do you know how many children could potentially lose healthcare?”

~13 million, per this article from Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/brucejapsen/2016/12/22/partial-obamacare-repeal-could-cost-13m-children-their-coverage/#29b56bd220f7