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“ The Timberwolves, hoping to improve their offensive efficiency, ship away human rebound generator Ricky Rubio and replace him with a large stick with a piece of paper attached to it that reads: “‘OFFENSIVE THREAT.’”

This is idiotic. For one thing, offense isn’t the problem for the Wolves — it’s the other end of the court where they struggle. For another, they’re much better with Rubio on the floor than without in all phases of the game. His big problem? He doesn’t fit the mold of what sports writers think a PG should be in today’s NBA.

Be that as it may, he’s a good player who makes up for his lack of scoring by being a very good defender, a good rebounder, a top-flight distributor, and a leader. He’s not a superstar, it is true. But he is an outstanding team player who makes everyone around him better on both ends of the floor.

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