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Like in fantasy sports, the correct answer is absolutely to switch from Draft to Auction. Rookie FA budgets should be granted based on regular season records, and you can introduce waivers so that players have to negotiate with teams in a ranked order. This would make it so top rookies will only realistically go to a team drafting in the top-5 and so on). Then we all get to watch it go. Draft prep and speculation is fun, but imagine if it was Free-Agency-meets-National-Signing-Day-with-a-Combine. Imagine the speculation:

“Well, Jim it appears the 76ers have signed rookie big OG Anunonby, what does this mean for Fultz since the Lakers committed to Lonzo?”
“I still think he’s headed to Boston, Bob, but they’ve been negotiating hard with Jonathan Isaac, since they think they can get him for cheap. That means Fultz might slip to the Magic if they can put together a package he likes…”

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