Blockchain technology and the interest in Bitcoin is picking up momentum. A few companies such as MicroStrategy decided to exchange their liquid funds denominated in US dollars to Bitcoin. The European Union has set out its proposal to regulate crypto assets as of 2022 for the entire European Union and its 450 million citizens. Furthermore, companies like PayPal want to enhance their service offerings to crypto currencies. Initially starting in the United States, eligible users can now buy and sell Bitcoin via PayPal. Soon, Germany’s supervisory authority BaFin is expected to grant first licenses to crypto custodians, thus legitimating Bitcoin and other crypto assets for institutional investors. In this article, we highlight the leading players in the German-speaking market that meet the regulatory standards and technical requirements to “crypto-enable” financial institutions. With this article we therefore seek to answer the question how institutional investors in Germany can purchase Bitcoin. …


Benjamin Schaub

Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

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