San Francisco

I’m going to start with small talk, the weather mostly. We finally had a clear day in which we could properly explore San Francisco without the need to shelter my head from falling ice at 50mph. Experiencing a healthy 13 degrees celsius high it almost felt like summer. Although I think the cooler temperatures are preferred as it means, as dad puts it, “I don’t have to smell you,” meaning we’re not sweating if you didn’t quite click on that one. Anywho, on with the day.

Firstly we devoured another egg sandwich as we are starting to merge into hipsters. This time however less pleasant as the egg was reconstituted powder crap that you would find at McDonalds, that aside though it was quite nice.

Over the road we found ourselves in another museum which seems to be something of a daily endeavour. I’m a little worried that I’m enjoying them as much as I am. Makes me feel like an adult and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that kind of commitment. I guess since Santa doesn’t come anymore my childhood ended a long time ago so I’ve just got to accept. That aside, this time the museum was dedicated to the cable cars which run up and down the hills. Inside gave views into the humongous mechanisms which circulated the giant steel cables responsible for dragging the cable cars (note the connection between the name and the mechanisms behind it, just in case you didn’t click on that one either) up the hill, and down as well. The cars connect by clamping onto the wire which runs beneath the streets. To stop they simply release the clamp from the wire and apply the brakes. The wire travels and a steady 9.8mph just in case you cared.

Up a hill and down the other side we found ourselves at a car museum in which there was easily millions of dollars of vehicles sitting on display. We weren’t allowed in however as you could only enter by appointment. We instead creepily looked in the windows using a majority of our ooohs and ahhhs for the day. My favourite was a black one, very descriptive I know but I wouldn’t have a clue what it was. Basically I just think I would look like a total badass in it though. All the cars where polished to within an inch of their lives and just immaculate. Beautiful really.

Continuing on we thought we got scammed by the cable car operator who said $7 each or the whole day for $20, meaning instead $40 as there’s two of us. Sorting that out we figured it wasn’t actually such a bad deal as buying individual tickets would have resulted in about $60 all up (just for one day, expensive yes), so travel tip it’s worth the all day passes.

We ended up in an AT&T store in search of data. Over the past three days Spark has had the nerve to charge us $100 for 2 GB of data. This was after following some advice dad found on a blog which warned of USA carriers charging more for data which was garbage and probably written by Spark. We got ourselves a new sim card and got 5 GB of data as well as calls and texts for $60. Now if you’re good at maths you’ll know that 5 is more than two and 60 is less than 100, resulting in a win-win. So another travel tip is definitely source a US sim if you’re going to be connected to the web. On a side note there’s a surprising lack of free WiFi hotspots and any I do find are too painful to deal with.

Back on Fisherman’s Wharf we hired a couple of bikes (and helmets, safety first kids!) and set off to cycle the Golden Gate Bridge. About halfway there dad spun around and said he wouldn’t mind if we stayed at this distance for a bit. I looked up at the bridge and admired it was quite a nice angle and view of the metal thing. Not long after however I realised there was quite an attractive lady running not too far ahead wearing quite tight pants. Judging by dads smile I assume he was actually talking about this. On this note, mum if you’re reading it was actually me who noticed as dad would never even look at another woman besides the love of his life. On that note, my beautiful girlfriend if you’re reading this it was actually dad and I didn’t even gaze.

We cycled across witnessing pedestrians for Africa, one of which managed to send a woman on a bike flying directly in front of me. Apart from that excitement it was the typical beautiful views in which the saying a picture is worth a thousand words was created for. We joined the thousand other tourists in taking a few selfies before turning around and cycling the way back. We were forced into walking the hills as dad claimed his “knee is about to explode” and my bike’s chain would keep flopping off.

Returning at 3.41pm we had nine minutes to make it over half a kilometre in order to board a ferry which we had to be on. Fortunately a guy with a bike and a couple of seats in the back cycled us there just in time. He told us he was a millionaire and did this just to meet people which honestly I don’t find to hard to believe, he had that vibe around him. Whether it’s true or not I’m not too sure. Regardless he said $7 for the ride in which dad said, “call it 10,” to which after being given a twenty gave us back $6. Ummmm. The guess is he meant $7 each but who would know.

The ferry took us to Alcatraz. For those who don’t know it’s a has-been maximum security prison who housed some of the most notorious gangsters such as Scarface and Machine Gun Kelly who before this I thought was a rapper. What’s this world come too. Anyway the best summary of the place I saw was the prison for those who broke the rules within prison. Meaning anyone who tried to escape their previous prison, killed an inmate or whatever other trouble you can cause, Honestly I’m not going to give away too much but if you’re ever in the area it’s definitely worth the trip. You get an audio tour that’s around 40 minutes long but flies by and is over before you feel like it starts.

Chinese for dinner we ordered three meals between us because besides the sandwich in the morning we’d only had a couple of pints of chowder between us. The Chinese was well Chinese, not meaning that in a bad way. It wasn’t the best I’ve had, nor was it the worst. It filled my belly though which is the main objective. Finishing up we walked home and bada bing bada boom here we are.

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