San Diego

Being the final day with the black beauty we decided to take it out for one last spin to the Air and Space Museum (another museum I know, they’re cool okay). Before that we stopped in at the “Hall of Champions” which conveniently served sandwiches which is the norm for breakfast these days. I have to admit my chicken panini looked a thousand times more delicious than dads tuna sandwich so pat on the back for mwah. Finishing up we moved into the museum to be greeted with the command module from Apollo 9. To think this thing had been up in the emptiness was pretty crazy and the fact that three guys had managed to put up with each other for 10 days in that cramped space it the real triumph. Fun fact, the universe is apparently expanding into itself (try get your head around that).

Entering through into the actual exhibitions but not before having our photo taken, it’s all the rage over here. I mean photos for visiting a museum? Anyway, we entered in and met with a huge wall of randoms who have shaped aviation as we know today. Onvisouly they’re not actually randoms but to me they are, just wanted to clarify. While looking (but not touching) we got bombarded by a group of midgets around seven years old. I hid in a room while the murder of school kids passed.

We continued gazing around at planes and what not until we found a simulator in which I couldn’t resist. Basically it allowed me to firstly experience a roller coaster, then fly a plane and then fly a plane while shooting everything that moves. The blue box in which I lay was truly ridiculous. It would literally follow exactly what I told the plane to do. Meaning if I pull back on the controller, while the plane flips backwards the entire simulator also flips upside down with me inside. Crazy insane but crazy fun at the same time.

There’s a video coming once youtube stops being stupid and actually uploads the 6mb file… it’s not that hard really

To make the most of our time with the precious mustang we went for one last drive over a bridge towards the North Island Naval Air Station where dad attempted to enter the naval base (by accident) he explained the situation to which some hulks directed us out of the facility. We followed the highway back round to the mainland but nor before dad tried to enter a few more restricted areas (by accident also). Handing in the car to a guy who simply “doesn’t care” about is job or anything really, his words not mine, we found ourselves eating pizza and watching soccer which appears to be quite popular here surprisingly.

The afternoon consisted of catching up on all my social medias until around 7.30 when we went for dinner. Consisting of one seafood stew and one Cajun seafood pasta. We happened to be at a seafood restaurant in case you were still guessing. It was quite delicious and my coke stayed filled up but not before I finished drinking the previous one which I believe is the best way. We headed back and waited for the Powerball numbers to be announced. Surprisingly we didn’t win despite the 1 in almost 300,000,000 chance we had. I didn’t feel completely ripped off though as we did manage to win $14 which almost covers the ticket cost. I was fairly upset though as I was getting used to the fact that I would be driving my Range Rover to school next year. Anywho, that is life and instead I’m here writing this.