Intercepted Russian Communique!

(M2D Newsletter 7/27)

Just hours ago, the FBI seized the email below. Apparently, a Russian agent living in the U.S. was about to send it to his incredibly lovely crew of subscribers. For authenticity, the message is presented in its original form.

доброе утро, friend of Russia!

And what beautiful morning it is! No, not because I just had delicious, delicious plate of Peljessini…

…and no, not because brother Mike Pompeo refused to disclose what happened between President Putin and great American democracy-destroyer Trump — ha ha!

But rather because while everyone talk about meetings in Russia, brother Pompeo quietly considering something else that will hurt U.S. greatly: axing Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM), which oversees U.S. refugee resettlement.

This department existed since 1980, and big time advocates wrote Pompeo on Monday to say that the PRM acts as “vital tool of U.S. foreign policy,” so it with big heart I support Pompeo for saying bye-bye to it.

This does not totally mean end of refugees in U.S., but end may come soon, with or without PRM! Refugee cap in 2018 is 45,000, lowest ever, but only 22,000 will get in because screening stricter than Siberian curfew. Rumors says refugee cap next year to be close to 20,000, which means maybe half that number will get in, too.

M2D in Boston with imbecile

This is delicious news! Because as national security expert and imbecile above like to say, low refugee cap hurt U.S. national security badly! Hopefully imbecile’s work prove to be fruitless and dumb like progress and brushing teeth before horseradish.

What can lousy Americans do? Well, I hope not use to phone congress people and say they care about PRM and know it may soon be dismantled.

Only takes a minute or two, so could be effective use of time, and obviously other things to mention there like maintaining asylum grants for victims of domestic abuse and gang violence, which brother Sessions wants to end faster than sister Maria Butina. Too soon?

Speaking of which, I must go: Sessions is “not calling me” for conversation he will “not remember.” Ha ha!