M2D is coming to D.C.

(Plus some pre-breakfast thoughts on Trump’s speech yesterday)

Good Morning and Humpiest of Days to You,

I shall keep things short for two reasons. 1) I recently watched President Trump’s comments on migration at the U.N. General Assembly before I had breakfast, and I cannot be trusted to keep this email coherent during my hangry hangover (hangrover?) —

But okay, here’s just one thing. In his speech, Trump cited the Monroe Doctrine from 1823 as justification for pulling out of the U.N. Global Compact on Migration, which U.N. members signed two months ago and establishes an international framework for assisting people who’ve fled their homes.

President Monroe devised the (bad) policy ONE HUNDRED NINETY-FIVE YEARS AGO so that European empires would quit meddling in Latin America and, you know, let the U.S. meddle instead. Subsequent presidents like JFK and Reagan cited Monroe to rationalize violent interventions in Latin America that cemented the foundation of today’s migration crisis in Central America… a crisis that we now turn our backs on and Trump yesterday said threatens U.S. sovereignty.

I’m going to make oatmeal. Ah, that’s better. Moving on: 2) I’d like to cordially invite you and/or anyone you know to M2D in D.C. one week from today!

Please feel free to pass info along to anyone or to forward them this email with me ranting about the Monroe Doctrine. You can also find the event on Facebook if it’s easier to share things from there.

The D.C. delivery of M2D will likely be the second to last event of the year. The otherevent will be in Atlanta on October 16th (if you know anyone living in ATL, send ’em on over to the talk!). After then, I’ll focus more on the documentary version of M2D, touring in 2019, and development of a new project looking at Central American migration.

Thanks in advance for sharing info about upcoming events in D.C. and Atlanta!

Bless up,