M2D is coming to NY. Syrians are not.

M2D Newsletter (4/19/18)
To kick off, I wanted to ask y’all New Yorkers to mark June 1st, 2018, at 7pm on your calendars. Monsters to Destroy will be coming through NYC! I could use people in the audience who have experience laughing HEARTILY at my humor for this special live taping.
Here is another number: 11. That’s how many Syrian refugees the U.S. has resettled so far this year. Compare that to 15,479: the amount who came here toward the end of Obama’s presidency. Back then, you might recall Obama received warranted criticism for not resettling more Syrians.
For once, the Trump administration is both malevolent and competent when it comes to ending refugee resettlement, says David Miliband, the head of the IRC. Administration staffers hold animus towards the resettlement program, which is translating into action in a highly organized manner.
Here is an example of another organized animus.
As many have pointed out, the recent retaliatory strikes in Syria likely accomplished little other than to relieve emotional pressure building in the States. Should the U.S. have responded to Assad’s chemical attacks differently? Should Trump have been more aggressive?
In my mind, the better, less myopic question is how can we best assist people who are being slaughtered by a dictator who refuses to relinquish power. One simple answer is to provide Syrians refuge, which, as Syrian activist Sarah Mardini noted, makes our actions extra perplexing:

Heads up that next week the Supreme Court will hear the travel ban case. Stay tuned for some info before audio of the arguments goes live on Wednesday. It’s actually quite soothing to listen to Justice Thomas’ breathing while he sleeps.