It’s easy to get away as a poor communicator when you work on a small team sharing a small office space. When the team around you begins to grow and face-to-face interactions become shorter and less frequent, the teams that have invested in strong communication skills and competencies start to stand out.

For engineers, time spent improving communication skills often feels like a fuzzy, low-yield investment. In practice, however, we’ve seen the contrary. Excellence in communication, coupled with over-communication, is a core principle of our engineering team at Simon.

The goal of this post is to capture some of the…

Interviewing with Simon? Here’s what to expect. We’re continually improving our process, but this is how things look today.

At Simon Data we fully acknowledge that interviewing for software development jobs is an imperfect science. Whether as the interviewer or the candidate, many factors can contribute to false positives or false negatives. Our interview process is designed not only to find candidates who will thrive at Simon and add to our culture, but also to initiate a healthy long-lasting relationship between the company and what will hopefully be a future employee.

What to expect

Throughout every interaction

  • You’ll be interacting with your future peers
  • Please ask…

At Simon, our belief is that great engineering happens naturally when you provide a healthy environment for your team.

Our goal in writing this post is to share some of what we believe defines who we are as a company and an engineering organization.

It starts with a healthy core

To start things off, the following two lists respectively share our expectations of each employee and those of the company as a whole.

Everyone should,

  • Have a connection with the product and the product team
  • Have a relationship with our clients, starting with appreciating and understanding their individual needs
  • Relentlessly drive for simplicity in design and…

Benjamin VanEvery

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