but how do cartoonists eat?

dissatisfaction. i wasn’t even sure that was a real word, but there it is. here’s another word….cartoonist. that’s a word for sure, i’ve worn it around like a hat for almost five years. brought it out to show people, look at this word here “cartoonist” it’s a real word. and people would invariably have that look. if you’ve worn the cartoonist hat around then you know the look. it’s the look that says “but how do you eat? why don’t you want to do something that makes money?” it’s a hard sell this cartoonist business for sure.


look there’s cyclops, you know him? no? he’s from the x-men movies. you watch those x-men movies have you? people running around with lazer eyes and knife hands and magnet heads, arguing about stuff. fighting too.

the truth is i dunno why i started on about the x-men, they’re silly.

the real reason i’m putting this up is cause i saw another news item, another legend in the field of cartooning or comics, or graphic novelty or whatever the current term is. but another legend is in need of help, when really they shouldn’t be. i know i’m not alone in thinking the people that helped shape comics history shouldn’t be stuck trying to pay medical bills when they should be relaxing and enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Don Perlin drew a bunch of comics, i’ve got a few, mainly some of his work with valiant comics from in the 90’s (bloodshot rulezs!), maybe an issue or two of defenders. but here’s a man who put his best years into making art that only a few people really care about, and he’s got shitty health insurance that doesn’t cover his head bleeding (!) and needing to be bandaged. Seriously that’s a hell of a rotten break, you buy health insurance for fifty years, in case you run into some sort of medical emergency, and find out that it actually doesn’t cover your head bleeding. maybe that was in the fine print? i dunno. that’s another story i guess, always read the fine print?

so if you can go chip in to help Mr. Perlin with this medical expense, or if you can’t because of your own circumstances maybe share the page? Here’s a link to the page so you can go check it out and get better information than my own off the cuff remarks. https://www.gofundme.com/cdgvy5cc

and here’s a cool picture by Don from werewolf by night

and just for equal measure here’s garfield

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