How to get more customers through social media.

If you are running any type of business whether it be online or offline then it’s no argument that social media needs to be involved in your brand strategy.

One of the most popular questions I have been asked is “Ben, How do you find your clients through social media”

Funnily enough, the majority of my clients come from social media and those who do not have seen my social accounts before getting in touch with me.

Social media marketing is one of the most important things you can do for your business and if you do not do it properly then you will suffer in the long run. Here I am going to share with you ways in which you can get more clients through social media and become a more successful business owner.

Get on Linkedin and get connecting.

My first ever client I ever got when I started my website design business was from Linkedin. I reached out to him about his outdated website and ended up winning the job worth $1800 which for me at the time was a massive achievement.

The beauty of marketing yourself on Linkedin is that it’s one click away from talking to influencers and people that can take your business to the next level. If you’re offering them value then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t talk to you and give you the chance to work with them and gain more customers.

Using the follow feature on twitter.

Twitter is a massive tool for getting new customers to come flocking to your site. It requires a different approach than Linkedin but can still bring in lots of potential.

With Twitter you have to remember a few things.

  • Follow relevant people in your industry
  • Reach out to customers with the search feature.
  • Connect with people who like your stuff
  • Share valuable content.

If you engage with your twitter feed on a regular basis you will begin to see good results from twitter I can promise you. In social media marketing on twitter it’s always about consistency.

If you carry on doing this you will Get more traffic to your website.

Give facebook some love and you’ll receive some love.

Facebook is by far the most popular social media site in the world with a whopping 1.87 billion monthly active visitors to facebook. That’s a massive amount of people to market your business services to.

There are some top tips to stick by if you want to use facebook for marketing and be effective with it.

  • Have a facebook page that you can consistently update with content and interact with facebook users.
  • Join relevant groups and offer value to the users of the group.
  • Create posts that will get people talking about your brand.
  • Post constantly
  • Measure everything

All these points are important especially the last point because if you are not measuring the results of each post then you are unaware of what is working and what isn’t.

Being successful in business means measuring effectively.

Host competitions that draw more eyes to your brand.

Nothing gets you more traffic than a good old competition on your social media accounts. People love entering into things for the chance of winning something for free.

We’re all human that’s just what we love and if you actually go ahead and do competitions people will join in.

To make a social media comp successful you need to follow a few tips to get your content seen by more than just your following and here’s some tips.

  • Give your followers the option to share the competition with their friends.
  • Tweak the contest to match the platform you are using
  • Stay true to your brand

That means twitter use hashtags and facebook share images. If you want to get more customers online then you need to be able to reach as many people as possible.

Wrapping this up

Wrapping up on this marketing your business on social media and getting new customers on social media are two different things and both require a totally different strategy.

For me, it was all about building an authoritative status on my accounts and then people would come and reach out to me asking for my service.

SMM is a slow process and it takes time to develop but when you reach that level it is extremely effective and can make the difference between successful and not successful.

Just stick to the methods I explained and then build out on this and in future, you will start receiving more and more traffic which will lead to more customers.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Come back next week for our new post.