Top reasons you need a better website design this year.

Top reasons you need a better website design this year.

It may seem like not that long ago since you updated your business website with a fresh new design and get in date with the trends to try and boost some sales. We know that when you’re in business those years fly by and before you know it your website it living in the stone age waiting to come to life with a new design.

I think every business has been there and trust me it’s not where you want to be in the year 2017. Having a website is vital for any business to show prospective customers who they are and why they should buy from them

In this article, you will see some common problems with many websites I see today and some reasons as to why you should budget for a new website design. Hope you like what you see.

Your website isn’t responsive? What!!

Now most of you (if my analytics are correct) will be reading this article on your mobile or tablet device. That means you are one of the increasing numbers of internet users who browse the internet on something other than your desktop.

Years ago a business would have 2 different websites, One for desktop and the other for mobile devices. Now with the increase in users, the trend is to have your current website be accessible on all devices.

The website industry has responded to this need with the introduction of Responsive Website Design. In essence, to adapt to this the digital industry has now changed how they design and develop new websites, building in responsive modes that allow your website to adjust to the computer, tablet or phone it is being viewed on. This will change the design, layout and content to fit and be displayed perfectly, regardless of what you’re using to browse the Internet. With this new all-encompassing responsive design and development, it will create a more effective website for your users, and make interaction much easier, encouraging them to like, purchase, comment without difficulty.

A website that is responsive requires more time for design and development, which can make it seem the more pricey option, but when your users receive an improved user experience, you will see the benefits of your investment. If your website is more than 2 years old, it is most likely that it is not responsive, and consequently not performing as well as we all would like it to, for you, for Google, and for the end user, so take a look at potentially upgrading your website if this is the case.

The content on your website isn’t hooking your prospective customers.

Content is seen as one of the last things you do when you’re updating your website and I want to let you into a little secret ;)

It’s by far the most important thing on your website and I’ll tell you why.

When prospective clients/customers land on your website what is the first thing they do? They look at images and text and if that content isn’t compelling and making them want to go further and further into your website that you are going to lose out on so much business and that isn’t good.

Most people write their content

In a way, that is factual and doesn’t actually address the prospective client’s problem. Such as “we were founded in 2009”. It’s boring and no one wants to hear it unless you’re on the about page.

It’s not regularly updated which makes your website and business seem outdated and stagnant. This can create a bad impression of your business and yet again another client lost.

Content is still king and this still applies to today. You need a website with fresh new content every week and appeals to your target market and converts your visitors into customers

Make them want to dive deeper into your website and then be actually excited to buy from you after visiting your site.

You need to bring in the money.

At the end of the day, any business no matters what kind of industry you are in needs to make more money. You could have the most beautiful website in the world but if you’re not getting any results then what’s the point.

When have you actually gone and looked at how much traffic you are bringing into your website and looked at how many sales or leads you generated.

I guarantee not many of us.

The worst thing I see is many clients I have the pleasure of working with don’t even have google analytics on their site. That’s a big no-no if you want to learn how to target your market.

Having a brand new website design can really engage your target audience and create more revenue for your business.

So I urge you later today to look at your metrics and really ask yourself “ Is my website getting the results I want it to”

Your website is your most important asset and the face of your business so it needs to be up to date. Check on it.

Get your SEO up to date

Now you probably know what SEO is unless you have been living totally on this planet but if you don’t then seo is “search engine optimization” which basically is optimizing your web page to perform better on google and bring in new customers.

The thing you have to remember is the search engines are constantly bringing out new algorithms for their search engines meaning businesses have to constantly optimize their site for google.

SEO is all about great content and although metadata is the stuff that gets you ranking on google for the title tags etc. if you have great content then google will give you a lot of ranking power.

Creating social shares and backlinks through content is what google love and if you keep on doing it the results will pay off.

So remember your website needs to be updated regularly with the best SEO practices in order to get more sales and grow. You don’t necessarily need a new web design but you need SEO to bring in that business.

Ending things on a good note.

So there you have it there are some things to consider when you think your outdated website can wait until next year to be updated.

At the end of the day if you want to succeed in the online community and go in against the big boys then you need to know how to stay on top.

Having an updated website to bring in more business and keep you in front of your prospective customers is the number one most important thing to consider before you think it can wait.

Having a website is the best thing you could ever think of having and even now the internet is showing no signs of slowing down but getting bigger and bigger.

Now me being a website designer loves helping businesses growing so if you want to know more about what we do and would like to speak with me about your website then please visit my contact page.

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