Benjamin Tyau or “Ben” for short

Benjamin Tyau or “Ben” for short is trying to rebuild his life. Several years ago he made some terrible choices that came along with devastating consequences, many of which will follow him for the rest of his life. He ran from the God he loved. And due to his selfish pride and fear of judgment, he hurt many people, even the people he loved most.

Now, during this transitional time in his life, Ben is making it his primary goal to help others who are stuck where he was. He desires to see the captives free and the lepers cleansed. Ben is currently serving as a co leader at Celebrate Recovery, a faith-based, Christ-centered recovery program at his church in Tucson, Arizona.

This past year has been busy for Benjamin Tyau. He has been in the process of starting a Christian publishing company called Fishmarked Books. This small partner-publisher company based out of Tucson will produce thought-provoking, grace-centered books and educational materials for those seeking health and wholeness.

At the same time, he has been preparing to launch Fishmarked Ministries, a three tier, non-profit organization in Tucson, Arizona that will provide life coaching to those individuals and their spouses who are experiencing the effects of sexual sin; public speaking and training for church leaders and congregations; and transitional services for those who have recently been released from prison — those who are in desperate need a mentoring and reintegration assistance.

Look for Benjamin Tyau’s first book entitled EXPOSED: my battle with sex addiction and the sobering road to recovery and hope. It’s a page-turning true-life story of Benjamin Tyau’s own fall from grace and the painful yet miraculous intervention he receives from above.

A must-read, written in the first person, for anyone who has been gripped by sexual addiction or a victim of a sexually-motivated crime. Coming soon in a hard copy and e book on Keep an eye out for it and other great works from Fishmarked Books.

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