How to choose a laptop for programming
Ayo Isaiah

I am a newb I confess. I have been learning with FCC for almost 3 months and exclusively on a Chromebook. 2GB RAM. 16GB HD. Intel Celeron Dual Core. I obviously want to upgrade ASAP and enjoyed this article, it offers a lot of great advice.

I should probably write an article called ‘Getting By With A Chromebook’. I use Cloud 9’s free membership, which is my lifeline. I even found a way to develop locally offline — it’s very limited but hey —

For a rookie like me, a Chromebook is fine at first, props to my Acer 11. But honestly, without my external monitor I would be blind by now, the screen in so small.

I didn’t know some companies pre-install Linux. That is good to know. Thanks for the article.

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