Let’s imagine the iPhone in the far future. Image: benjamin bannister

As a user and fan of the iPhone, I filmed a spoof video for an imaginary product called The iPhone X3.

Let’s discuss the ideas presented in it, and explore the likelihood we’ll get these technologies in the future.

Solar Charging

Wireless Qi charging is finally here on the newest iPhones! This would otherwise be impressive, had I not been jealous of my friend’s wireless charging Microsoft Lumia phone — half a decade ago.

SEO. Three letters to know if you want your content found. Image: benjamin bannister

What have I learned from creating content for the internet? One thing is crystal clear: if you want people to discover your work, you need search engine optimization (SEO).

Take this article for example, if you search for “reverse engineer Google,” “seo secrets,” “reverse engineering seo,” this article is on the first page for each of those search terms. Talk about meta.

SEO isn’t magic, it’s knowing what to do.

Whether you’re an SEO newbie or a seasoned practitioner, I encourage you to fully read this to understand how you can get your content on top of search results. It’s…

Let’s conceptualize an Apple MacPad Pro. Image: benjamin bannister

Apple has created many near-magical devices that enrich our lives. Their products exude ultra premium design, with a multitude of useful features, and constructed of refined materials. They get thinner. They get lighter. (But those prices never get smaller.) And we love them for it.

But there’s still one holy grail of technology: a device that can successfully merge the experience of using a laptop with the experience of using a tablet.

Today, I will take you on a journey to conjecture the design and specifications of a theoretical MacPad Pro.

MacBook Pro + iPad Pro = MacPad Pro


Behind every initial idea is a vision. Image: benjamin bannister

I’m in the job market for the first time in years.

There was a time when having a safe job was fine and sufficient. But my appetite for knowledge and more experience outgrew my current position. There is a need for one to change, and to grow.

All the feelings that come from having to search for a new opportunity are back: dread and excitement in equal parts. With competition growing fiercer and with bars raised higher, I knew from the very start of my job hunt that sending off cover letters and resumes was not going to do it…

The difference between making an embarrassing mistake, and recognizing one. Image: benjamin bannister

There was a major twist ending and a major snafu at the very end of the 2017 Academy Awards for the category of Best Picture. The wrong winner was declared. If you look back on the footage and analyze it, you could read on Warren Beatty’s face that something was not right just before the Best Picture winner was announced.

Let’s quickly review the second-by-second timeline of what happened:

  1. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway come out to present Best Picture, but were wrongly given the envelope for Best Actress, instead.
  2. Warren reads the card, then stops for a moment to…

benjamin bannister

Pop Culture Analyst https://youtu.be/QRDl_UypTx4

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