Love articles like this. You will undoubtedly score well with Google on it.
Robert Kost

Hi Robert Kost,

I’m not familiar with schema, but I did some quick reading on it to give you my initial thoughts.

From what I gather, doing the process seems to help in the indexing of information (getting it found), but it won’t help in getting ranked higher.

i.e.: You can tell a search engine the word “mint” on your site refers to a color, which will let Google pull it up for anyone searching for “mint color,” but in terms of ranking, all the other variables I talk about come into play.

If your web content is well-written and properly SEOed that is more than fine. Schema seems to me part of the minutiae of SEO for those that really want to fill in all the cracks if they have the time.

There is a time and place to spend the extra effort on such details, to me this isn’t one of them.