The 3 Apps I Get My News From

Ben Brooks
2 min readJan 19, 2016


That’s them right there, the only three things I rely on for news.


My RSS reader of choice. I’ve been a long time user of RSS and it refuses to die, thankfully. I subscribe to a few hundred sites — mostly low volume these days. The only sites I try to put in here are the ones I don’t want to miss a single thing from. I tend to remove more sites than I add these days.

Most of the sites you can find here are the ones I have been following for years. I wouldn’t have it any other way, RSS is my morning newspaper.


Not everything I find on Medium is great, but it is impossible to deny that there is great writing happening here everyday. I mostly subscribe to topics and I tend to find a few things everyday worth reading. I’m still skeptical of the business model and future of Medium, but I am liking what I am seeing.

Economist Espresso

This is a fantastic app. Without a subscription you can only read one of the articles per day (make it The World in Brief), but with the subscription you get to read a nice selection of articles each day. This app easily has some of the best and most insightful writing I read.

This is where I get the majority of my news.

I used to have every app under the sun installed when it came to news. But each time I opened one I left annoyed — that there was simply not much good to read in the apps despite their promise to the contrary.

I started to rely on Twitter for news, but that was poor as it only reflected the narrow interests of those whom I follow. And recently I muted most of the people I follow, further complicating the matter and exacerbating the lack of diversity.

Even the apps which seek to try and surface the best news, often end up with poor regurgitations of stories, which are better read elsewhere.

All of this led this news junkie to massively pare down how he consumes news. Quality over quantity of you will. And I get that all from these three apps.

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