A Contact Strategy Opportunity. Find Yours, Solve for it and Evolve.


The moment I realized our database became 50% consumed with phone numbers (the other 50% were emails), was the day a new contact strategy had to be planned. The initial phase of the strategy needed was an SMS plan for communicating with the currently acquired leads. The current means of interacting with this cohort of “mobile only” leads (no email), is picking up the phone and calling. Not terrible, but far from adequate, scalable or measurable. Now, remember we’ve already acquired ~xxxK records that ONLY had mobile numbers as a source of contact, but no means of sending an opt-in SMS message or contacting via email….oh snap, what to do?

A couple solutions in requesting an email.
1. Data Append via FullContact, Experian or similar.
2. Upload individual records to match against Facebook Custom Audience

Data appending typically has a ~30% match rate, and in addition, we have not solved for requesting permission to send emails or SMS, so back to square one. At least with Custom Audience through Facebook, one could create bespoke ads, with unique CTA’s to encourage them to return to a digital asset (site, landing page) to request further completion of their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) record via gated content, special offers etc.

Once we’ve successfully added email to the customer record, we then had an opt-in email and requested the ability to message them via SMS. Now we begin working on the SMS vs. Email strategy or what I’d like to call the contact strategy. I’d purposefully leave out the use of Chatbots for now. 
Fast-forward to today and now potential customers can sign up to receive email or SMS as their means of being contacted.

When we added SMS opt-in functionality into the lead form flow, leveraging HotJar to understand what percent of users were opting in (~40%) of the SMS feature. Our first interaction with a scalable self-servicing SMS command was a tour reminder that the end user schedules.

The goal of this simplistic first feature roll-out was two-fold:
1. Customer Experience and Flexibility 
2. Increase Scheduled Tour Showings (% of scheduled tours to completed tours)

The next phase is a fully constructed triggered if or then “playbook” of scenarios, that will construct the holistic customer journey through SMS, Chatbot and or Email.

To be continued…

Tools Leveraged in the process:
- Customer Journey Creation (https://www.smaply.com/)
- User Behavior Tracking (https://www.hotjar.com/)
- Mobile SMS API (https://www.twilio.com/)