Learning Web Development

How to learn web development?

First, ask yourself why you want to learn web development. If you only want to build a website for yourself, maybe the “Wordpress” is a good choice. Many people have to save money for their business, so they try to learn web development. There are more and more free tools providing website building service. The task you need to learn is how to use free tool building a website, not learning web development.

Second, what programming language you want to learn. Before find out the language, find the OS you work on. If your OS is windows, you may learn asp.net. If Linux, you may learn PHP. Do you get it? You have to be well-versed in your OS. It the basic part to setup programming environment.

If you don’t give up, let’s continue. Do you learn by yourself? Yes, please be careful about reading internet resource. There are a lot of old fashioned articles. You might learn something wrong. There is a good website, codecademy. It let you learning programming step by step. Starting from the site is a easy way.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.